SkeptiCamp NYC 2009: Share the apple of knowledge

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Presenter's Resources from 2009

This page provides downloads for some of the materials some of the SkeptiCamp presenters used, such as handouts and slideshows.

We may post links to other sources of resources here, as well, in the near future. These will be places you can go to learn more about the topics discussed at SkeptiCamp.

Author Material Type File Type File Size
Jeff Corey Handout ("Psy Q Test") Microsoft Word (.doc) The_Psy_Q_Test3.doc 25 K
Lisa Bauer Slides (with handout notes) PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) Evaluating_claims_by_research_design_analysis_LBauer.pptx 360 K
Lisa Bauer Handouts PDF LBauer_Handouts.pdf 1.6 MB
Gregory Lopez Slides PowerPoint (.ppt) Stupid_Bayesian_Tricks.ppt 300 K
Page Van Meter Slides (PDF) PDF How_to_Read_a_Scientific_Article.pdf 680 K
Page Van Meter Slides (PPT) PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) Page-Skepticamp_HowToReadASciArticle.pptx 1.8 MB
Tim Farley Slides PowerPoint (.ppt) NYC Skepticamp 2009 Wikipedia.ppt 840 K

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