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Katelyn Arnemann

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Biography: I am a postdoctoral researcher in cognitive neuroscience at Rutgers University - Newark. I received my PhD in neuroscience from University of California - Berkeley in 2018 and my BA in philosophy and cognitive science from Case Western Reserve University in 2010.
Location: Jersey City, NJ
Proposed Session Title: How to consume neuroscience like a skeptic
Session Description:
Neuroscientist here! Let me just crack open your brain, and take a look-see-daisy inside. No? Ok, fine, let me just run a little scan-a-doodle. See how this bit "lights up" when you see a hamburger? That means you're hungry. Or vegan. Or, or, ... Well, to be perfectly honest, I really can't tell you much for certain. Neuroscience is just in its infancy. You know, like a baby that we oogle at and believe has soooo much potential and is totally going to change the world. Instead, hows about I show you how to consume neuroscience like a skeptic?
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